Class Connectors play a critical role in supporting the mission of UNC Kenan-Flagler.
Join the many alumni who volunteer as Class Connectors to create a memorable Alumni Weekend. You may choose to serve on an engagement committee to connect with your fellow classmates or help fundraise for your class gift in order to give back to the School. We thank you for your time and look forward to working with you to make your reunion the best one ever! To learn more about the role, check out our
Class Connector Handbook.

Alumni Weekend 2018 Class Connectors

Class of 2017: Reunion Zero

Brendan Ullman – Daytime MBA
Spandana Nagireddi – Daytime MBA
Ryan Cartwright – Global OneMBA

Class of 2013: 5-year Reunion

Gabriela Marquez – Undergraduate Business
Peter McArthur – Undergraduate Business
Sam McArthur – Undergraduate Business
Jack Partain – Undergraduate Business
Stephen Collins – Undergraduate Business
Stephanie McGowan – Undergraduate Business
Lauren Fetter – Undergraduate Business
Maital Guttman – Daytime MBA
Andrew Gaputis – Daytime MBA
Bayard Love – Daytime MBA
Mary Knighton-Brenner – Daytime MBA
Peter Goodwin – Daytime MBA
Sunil Devarakonda – Daytime MBA
Taylor Huggins – Daytime MBA
Charles Crowell – Daytime MBA
Kate Pyle – Daytime MBA
Dan Zamansky – Daytime MBA
Geordy Johnson – Daytime MBA
Sara Paisner – Daytime MBA
Josh Gentine – Daytime MBA
Jeremiah Myers – Daytime MBA
Travis Frayard – Daytime MBA
Steven Tamaroglio – Daytime MBA
Shawn Hoyer – Global OneMBA
Kristan Nevins – Global OneMBA
Jason Jenny – Global OneMBA
Alex Escobar – Global OneMBA
Allison Flexer – Weekend Executive MBA
Ridge Stafford – Weekend Executive MBA
Ryan Greenway – Evening Executive MBA

Class of 2008: 10-year Reunion

John Chapman – Daytime MBA
Tom Lewis – Daytime MBA
Beth Silverstein – Daytime MBA
Marc Ross – Global OneMBA
Matt Beardall – Global OneMBA
Shawn McCann – Global OneMBA

Class of 2003: 15-year Reunion

Andres Dargent – Daytime MBA
Daniel Knight – Daytime MBA
Amit Singh – Evening Executive MBA
Manoj Bhatia – Evening Executive MBA
Graham Dyck – Weekend Executive MBA

Class of 1998: 20-year Reunion

Susan Cates – Daytime MBA
Susie Banks Lanham – Daytime MBA
Doug Miller – Daytime MBA
Heather Miller – Daytime MBA
Frank Van Buren – Daytime MBA
Maya Sudradjat – Daytime MBA
Chandy Smith – Daytime MBA
Geoff Smith – Daytime MBA
Scott Miller – Daytime MBA
Camp Jenkins – Daytime MBA
Karl Miller – Daytime MBA
Rob Vest – Daytime MBA
Ruben Basantes – Daytime MBA
Kris Abbott Campbell – Daytime MBA

Class of 1993: 25-year Reunion

Wayne Judkins – Daytime MBA
Jeff Hoffman – Daytime MBA
Kit Bredrup – Daytime MBA
John McMichael – Daytime MBA
Keith Pigues – Daytime MBA
Monica Pigues – Daytime MBA
Markus Saba – Daytime MBA
Jon Mehlman – Daytime MBA
David Mendez – Daytime MBA
David Stedman – Daytime MBA
Kathy Boden Holland – Daytime MBA

Class of 1988: 30-year Reunion

Brian McBroom – Undergraduate Business
Paul Whyte – Daytime MBA
Peter Conway – Daytime MBA
Greg Goyne – Daytime MBA

Class of 1983: 35-year Reunion

Rick Specker – Daytime MBA
Mark Edwards – Undergraduate Business

Class of 1978: 40-year Reunion

Barry Burt – Undergraduate Business
Tommy Craig – Undergraduate Business
Carolyn Davidson – Daytime MBA

Class of 1973: 45-year Reunion

Barry Holloway – Undergraduate Business

Class of 1968: 50-year Reunion

Bill Simpson – Daytime MBA
Smedes York – Daytime MBA
Ben Rudisill – Daytime MBA

Class Connector - Jeremy & Jason
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class connector - sherry & Marla
Click here to hear an example of a typical Class Connector phone call.


“Being a Class Connector for our one-year reunion was the perfect way to keep in touch with classmates. I enjoyed working with the School, and I know that my friends and I enjoyed the fun, creative, and innovation programming. I am already looking forward to our five-year reunion!” – Cindy Tsai (MBA ’16)

“It was a real pleasure for me to act as a Class Connector and walk down memory lane preparing for our 45th reunion. As I wrote the letter to my classmates encouraging them to attend the reunion, I could not help but think back to all the wonderful times we had from meeting and getting projects together, to experiencing and learning from our excellent faculty and staff, to having fun at Quickie Take Out ‘happy hour’, and golfing together at UNC Finley on Friday mornings. Can’t wait to be honored again in 2022 for our 50th!”
John Bartelme (MBA ’72)