Daytime MBA Class of 1973

We are excited to welcome back the Daytime MBA Class of 1973 to Chapel Hill on April 13-15, 2018. The names in bold are serving as Class Connectors, those names in blue have registered for Alumni Weekend, and those names with an Old Well symbol have contributed to the Class Campaign, which runs July 1, 2017 to April 15, 2018.

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First Name

Last Name

Tom Allison
Bill Alsup
Earl Arp
Chip Barnes
Dow Bauknight
Wayne Berrier
Norman Black
Paul Bodenheimer
Marc Bromley
Dwight Brown
Brodie Brown
John Brummet
Jim Carver
Robert Cherry
Steve Cumbie
Hunter Dalton
Nick Didow
Theodore Duda
Tom Dwyer
Jerry East
Curtis Ensley
David Faunce
Mac Felder
Thomas Gerken
Barry Gorski
Hamp Hager
Bill Hamlet
Rus Hapgood
Howard Harrell
Andy Heath
Ted Heefner
Sigurdur Helgason
Bruce Herreilers
Gary Himes
Richard Holderness
Jeffrey Jones
David Kesterson
Gary Kibler
Lawrence Lackey
Peter Langford
Phillip Lanier
Jim Lassiter
James Lawson
David Lea
Mark Lees
Tom Lewis
Jody Lowe
John Marshall
Charles Mauze
Dick McCaskill
Roy McCraw
Dick McMurry
John Mebane
Tom Mehalko
Dick Michaux
Donald Moe
John Neely
William Nicholson
Larry Parker
Linda Parker
Collins Powell
David Pressel
Toby Prewitt
Stephen Rhode
Duaine Robertson
Charles Robinson
George Saloom
Tom Senkbeil
Robert Shinn
Gene Shuping
Ilene Simmons
Bill Smith
Alton Smith
Michael Spann
Thomas Sparks
Anselm Staack
Thomas Steitler
Lewis Tabb
Stephen Taylor
Philip Taylor
George Tennille
John Thigpen
John Thomas
Bob Thompson
Philip Tiller
Bill Umphlett
Aubrey Walker
Walter Walker
Steve Warren
Bob Weeks
Ernie White
Paul Williams
Lee Willoughby
Dan Wolff
George Wood
Donald Zeillmann
Chad Zimmerman