Daytime MBA Class of 1978

We are excited to welcome back the Daytime MBA Class of 1978 to Chapel Hill on April 13-15, 2018. The names in bold are serving as Class Connectors, those names in blue have registered for Alumni Weekend, and those names with an Old Well symbol have contributed to the Class Campaign, which runs July 1, 2017 to April 15, 2018.

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First Name

Last Name

Ann Aitken
Sally Anderson
Phil Bailey
Scott Bain
Dave Bannister
Bobby Barrett
Robbie Barringer
Sharon Berry
Bob Blanke
Joan Blanksteen
Norman Block
Thomas Bohr
Jim Bonner
Arlene Booker
Mike Bradford
Brad Branch
Roger Bristol
William Bultman
Gregory Butler
Susan Carr
Bill Chapman
Mike Cheezem
Tom Collins
Glenn Constable
Norman Couns
Patrick Curley
Carolyn Davidson
Donna Dean
Judith Dickens
Margaret Donegan
Lewis Dorsett
Bruce Dunnan
Al Durany
Tom Eleazer
Karen Elsom
Anne Ewing
David Flanagan
Michele Fletcher
James Ford
Bill Francis
Gordon Glasgow
Bruce Guard
Kay Guffy
Kristine Haataja
Deborah Hackney
Jack Ham
Sharon Hardnett
Julie Hatam
Kent Hedman
John Hinshaw
Catherine Holcomb
Tim Hose
Chago Iglesias
Edwin Kearney
Cottie Kerr
Nancy Klein
Janelle Langford
Lori Leeth
Mildred Little
Suzanne Lockett
David Lundsten
Sandy Mackintosh
John Madrid
John Mann
Ro Mason
Tom McGuire
Kimball McIlvain
Mac McKeithen
Terry Messmer
Cathy Messmer
John Molen
John Moore
Katie Morris
Irving Moses
Susan Nassar
Linda Nelms
Paul Niemira
Elizabeth Nunan
Dennis Odle
Chandlee Offerman
Ray Peck
Carolyn Perkins
Gail Perry
Bill Porter
Ned Powell
David Price
Scott Reid
Peter Richardson
Diff Ritchie
Dave Roberts
Norman Rosebrock
David Ross
Robin Saul
Margaret Sheeran
Sarah Shell
Ruth Smith
Linda Smith
Maurice Snook
Richard Stratton
Kathleen Taylor
Ginger Travis
Mike Tydings
Bernard Vanderlande
Ann Walker
Michael Walrod
Kenneth Wesche
Buddy Whitfield
Wayne Wilson
Bob Wood
Michael Worsham
Milton Wright