Breakout Session 1

Option 1:

Navigating board membership: Fire side chat with Lissa Broome and Brent Callinicos

Presenters: Lissa Broome and Brent Callinicos

This fireside chat featuring Brent Callinicos, experienced financial and technology executive, and UNC Law School’s Lissa Broome, will focus on preparing to serve on both non-profit and for profit boards. Brent will discuss the skills needed for board members and how to develop them, realistic approaches to advancing candidacy for a board of directors’ position, evaluating companies and opportunities, what he’s learned during his experiences, and what he wished he had known before joining a board. This session will be recorded and distributed after Alumni Weekend.

Option 2:

Don’t take the monkey: Lessen your load as a leader

Presenter: Megan Parker, Career & Leadership Coach for MBA & Alumni

Being a leader can be exhausting! If you find yourself wondering why people often come to you with problems instead of solutions, and wondering how you might instead encourage and empower others to be more proactive, this session is for you! This interactive workshop will focus on coaching skills for leaders and includes three strategies for lessening your load as a leader.

Option 3:

Future of work: A retrospective view

Presenter: Arvind Malhotra, The H. Allen Andrew Distinguished Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

In this session, we will look back in history to see shift in nature of work with the introduction of technologies. Building on this retrospective analysis we will forecast how work will change with widespread use of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines.

Option 4:

Political ideology at work

Presenter: Sekou Bermiss, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

In this session we will talk about how political ideology has become an increasingly salient part of organizational life.  Using insights from research and industry we will discuss the following questions: Is this a good thing?  Is this a bad thing?  How can we productively navigate it?