Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. ET

In this panel, you’ll hear about the impact of this program from a couple of the inaugural cohort’s Eship Scholars. They’ll highlight how the program has impacted their entrepreneurial journey, and how they’ve grown personally and professionally through the experience.

Additionally, they’ll highlight the outstanding opportunities for growth in our ecosystem, which if addressed, could help more students realize their entrepreneurial potential. We’ll also hear from the perspective of the coaches and mentors involved in the program, who will highlight the benefits of giving back to Carolina students through their mentorship.

What is an Eship Scholar?

The Eship Scholars program was created to celebrate and support students from backgrounds and identities underrepresented in entrepreneurship who display the drive and qualities of a successful entrepreneur, but who may not self-identify as an entrepreneur. Scholars receive a fellowship award of up to $5,000 which they can use for their business or personal expenses. This support helps students focus on reaching their entrepreneurial goals.

This program also connects these high-potential student entrepreneurs with mentorship, coaching, and connections from industry experts. This results in students being able to invest in their own self-development, launch successful careers and/or ventures, and accelerate their entrepreneurial journey on their own unique path. Funding for the pilot of this program was made possible through the NC IDEA Ecosystem Grant.


Student Panelists: Sherrod Crum, Xiangyi Li, Harshul Makwana

Moderator: Aspyn Fulcher, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Eship Center

Other participants: Chijioge Nwogu, Entrepreneurship Coach; Vickie Gibbs, Executive Director of the Eship Center

Sherrod Crum

Sherrod is a business administration major with a social and economic justice minor. He is the founder and CEO of Mission: Scholarship, a nonprofit designed to provide equitable access to college and scholarship preparation resources for disadvantaged students. He is also the co-founder and president of The Black Entrepreneur Initiative at UNC, an organization geared toward cultivating a community for black entrepreneurs, creators and innovators. He is a vegetarian on the weekdays, but on weekends he enjoys eating junk food and cheering on the New Orleans Saints.

Xiangyi Li

Xiangyi is double majoring in Business Administration and Environmental Studies and minoring in Statistics. She is currently growing two business – Jellyfish English Lab and JALI Jewelry. Jellyfish is an English peer tutoring platform that aims to help Chinese college students with the English language while exposing them to American culture. JALI Jewelry offers sustainable jewelry alternatives. Xiangyi loves food and has been working on her cooking skills over quarantine.

Harshul Makwana

Harshul is a computer science and business student at UNC Chapel Hill, and the CEO and cofounder of QUVI. He started the water bottle sanitization company with his roommate in August of 2019, and has since worked on developing prototypes for the QUVI device and refining the company’s strategy. During his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and watching the NBA.

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